Thursday, April 7, 2011

Whelp this is Awkward

                I give all the credit in the world to the protesters and revolutionaries in the Middle-East. Whether the revolution is social, political, or even artistic, the difficulty in organizing and mobilizing support is astronomical.  It is a goal that is at best idealistic and at most near impossible. To this end I decided to spark a revolution and the good fortune to be able to fail spectacularly.
                 My revolution was meant to fight oppression and tyranny. It was to liberate everyone from one of the most restrictive institutions known in the world today. I did everything I could think of in order to spread the word of my revolution like wildfire. I took some of the best tips from the Egyptian revolution. I created a fan page on facebook. Not only did I make this fan page but I named it one of the greatest names known to man. It had everything needed for success, except for the support I hoped for.
                Topless Tuesdays was my brain child. Being alliterative and descriptive, this, in my mind, was the most effective title possible. The idea behind Topless Tuesdays was  to devote one day a week where, in the privacy of one’s own home, to unencumber yourself from the restrictive, and downright deplorable idea of being required to wear a shirt. Originally this was an event that I decided to try on my own, but the gloriousness could not be contained me alone. It spread to my good friends who visited me at my home last Tuesday. Soon Topless Tuesday will become Topless Tuesdays.
                The only difficulty I face is trying to spread Topless Tuesdays outside of my home. First I have to overcome the Puritan agenda that our country as a whole seems to propagate. Second, once that is done it will probably be easy to convince men and boys alike to join the cause, females, however, will be more difficult. First and foremost I must try to convince fifty percent of the world’s population that this is not some contrived attempt to see some naked breasts, but instead is to see one hundred percent of the world’s population  commit to freedom at least one night a week.
                At the time of writing this on facebook there are currently eight people in support of Topless Tuesdays, one of whom is myself,  two of which are my roommates, two of which are close friends that I specifically asked for support, one is a former teacher who had always been cool about such things, and two people who seem genuinely interested. This is out of four hundred and forty people invited. One of a few possibilities is possible. Possibilities include in order of most likely to least likely:
The man is working with the Federal government in a conspiracy to bury this movement, four hundred and twenty people missed the suggestion to like my fan page, the unrest in the middle east is stealing all my thunder, or this was a dumb fluke of an idea that was thought up for a laugh between myself and my roommates. Whatever the case, dear reader, I’ll let you decided if you want to live in a world that won’t take their shirts off for freedom. 

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  1. Loved the article. It's Friday and I'm not wearing any pants. I don't know if this a theme just sorta happened.